Wholesale terms and conditions

I truly appreciate your interest in wholesale. The following terms and conditions apply to all wholesale customer orders from Eri Sugimoto.


Please provide your shop information and proof of a valid sales permit ID for resale purposes.

In order to ensure the security and authenticity of transactions, I would like to kindly request a brief verification process. Please provide your store information and a copy of a valid sales permit for resale purposes before placing an order. It is important to note that this is not indicative of any specific concerns related to your order. This information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of validating your order.


• All items are one of a kind.
• Buyers will receive a 50% discount off the current retail price on artwork priced at $201 or more.
• Buyers will receive a 40% discount off the current retail price on artwork priced at $200 or less.
• The initial minimum order is $1000 at the retail price AND 5 items.

1. I will send you a wholesale coupon code for credit card payment (usable once). Please submit your order with the code via my website at www.erisugimoto.com. 

2. At the checkout, the wholesale price will be calculated at 40% discount. If you prefer payment by check, kindly inform me before placing your order. 

3. As the shipping cost is not included at the 1st checkout, the fee will be calculated after your order is confirmed. An invoice link for the shipping fee will be sent, so please make a payment through the link. At the 1st checkout, all items are calculated at 40% off.  As items priced at $201 or more already have a 10% overcharge at this point, this amount will be deducted from the shipping cost.

4. Once payment is confirmed, I will proceed with shipping. Shipments typically dispatch within 1-2 weeks.


To purchase at wholesale pricing, you must be the owner of a brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce site. The items can only be sold through approved channels such as your store (web or brick-and-mortar). No third-party sites are approved for resale (e.g., Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, auction sites, etc.).


I recommend that the items purchased from me be sold at the retail price, but you are free to establish your own resale prices. However, for the sake of trust among collectors between your store and mine, please refrain from selling the items at a price lower than the retail price at www.erisugimoto.com. During the sale, do not offer discounts exceeding 10% below the retail price. For artworks purchased over three years ago, you have the flexibility to apply discounts of 10% or more.


All sales are considered final. The policy conforms to the return policy for retail at www.erisugimoto.com.


Colors may appear differently on different monitors. I am not liable or responsible for the difference in colors between screens and the final product.

We can discuss any concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact me at info@erisugimoto.com.